Athens in poems (2019), ed. by Konstantina Georganta

Athens in poems (2019), ed. by Konstantina Georganta

Athens in poems (2019), ed. by Konstantina Georganta 452 680 Athens in a poem

Athens in Poems

An Imaginative Map of the City

The Colleagues’ Publications, 2019.

A book of poems by well known Greek poets from late 1880s until nowadays.

A special section with historical and general information for every Athens spot as referred in the poems completes the edition. Thus a virtual map is created, useful to every visitor of Athens.

Moreover the book has bibliography and biographies of the poets.


Athens in Poems reveals the glorious palimpsest that is Athens mapping the city one poem at a time from the 1880s to 2010s. Walk through the streetscapes of Athens, reflect on the city’s historical development and see how poetry becomes attentive to the dynamic instability of the urban space. Watch as the city is built with language and create your own imaginative map of Athens. Wander around Athens of the 1880s, imagine the circular Omonia Square of the 1930s, visit the Shooting Range of Kaisariani during the Nazi Occupation and reach the gate of the Polytechnic School in the 1970s. Look at the capital as a huge fish tank in the 1980s, discover the bastion of Kokkinia, get to love the city’s concrete block of flats and pause for a while to have a glass of ouzo at the Athens Railway Station. Have a quick stop at the Perama district just off Pireaus and, at the start of a new century, find a chrysalis beneath Acharnon Avenue and voyage in Athens as in an ocean you can call your own. This is a map of Athens you may call your own.



Guide of Athens Useful to the Public [1886] by Georgios Souris

Fatherlands, III [1895] by Kostes Palamas

Athens [1921] by Kostas Karyotakis

Circular Symphony [1933] by Nicolas Calas

A Word for Summer [1936] by George Seferis

Tram and Acropolis [1938] by Nikos Engonopoulos

1938 Athens [1946] by Stratis Tsirkas

Christmas 1943 [1945] by Miltos Sachtouris

An Incident in Athens [1950] by Dinos Christianopoulos

74a, Kallidromiou St [1956] by Ares Diktaios

Athens Night [1959] by Elli Pappa

Changed Time [1961] by Nikos Karouzos

Kafeneion “Sariza” on the Corner of Zoodochou Pigis and Didotou [1962] by Costas Montis

The City I was Born in [1963] by Titos Patrikios

Shooting Range of Kaisariani [1964] by Yannis Ritsos

Sign of Recognition [1971] by Kiki Dimoula

The Sky [1971] by Nikos Fokas

Morning Time [1971] by Natassa Hadjidaki

Roads [1973] by Lefteris Poulios

November 1973 [1973] by Nikolas Asimos

The Door of the Polytechnic [1974] by Yannis Ritsos

Death in Exarchia [1974] by Νasos Vayenas

My Friends [1978] by Katerina Gogou

Capital 1980 by Mellisanthē

Kokkinia [1982] by Yannis Ritsos

The City [1983] by Tasos Leivaditis

O Land of Attica [1984] by Yannis Patilis

The Burial of the Dead [extract from Erēmē Gē, 1984, 1996] by Elias Lagios

Drinking Ouzo Mostly Alone at the Station [1986] by Giannis Varveris

Perama [1991] by Tassos Denegris

The Story of a Kite [1995] by Marios Markides

The Fabulous Vigilance of a Fertile Line [2001] by Maria Tataraki

Berth/Sonnet [2010] by Giōrgos Ikaros Bampasakēs

Kallidromiou St [2015] by Thanos Anestopoulos

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